4 Reasons Why The Brain Thinks Women Should Voice Movie Trailers

  The role of female voice actors in promos and movie trailers is one of the most common issues floating around today in the voice over industry (and has been for years).   The conversation continued after the release of “In A World”, a critically-acclaimed film written, directed, and produced by Lake Bell and starring Lake Bell. (That sounds exhausting…)     Lake … Read More

11 Things You DO Want Your Mom To Know About Voice Over

Last time, I spilled the beans about the 11 Things You Don’t Want Your Mom To Know About Voice Over. I hope you and your mom stuck around long enough to hear the good news about my career in voice over. Because the good news is VERY good news. Here are the 11 things you DO want your mom to … Read More

11 Things You Don’t Want Your Mom To Know About Voice Over

Moms are great. They are caring, strong, and pretty much kick butt. Sometimes, it can be hard to be honest with them about some stuff, even if the truth might not be the best news in the world. Voice over is no different. I’ve come to realize that there are some not-so-glamorous things about voice over that moms everywhere deserve … Read More

3 WordPress Plugins That Make Your Blog Super Shareable

wordpress plugins for social media sharing

When you write a blog, one of your main goals is (or should be) to get people to read it. That’s how it is with my voice over blog. But how do you get people to read it? One super effective way is to get people to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and everywhere else. Why do you want other … Read More

10 Voice Over Twitter Feeds You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. You can see that by reading my tweets here: here. It’s a super fast, non-stop onslaught of information, ideas, opinions, and conversations. Unlike Facebook, people can share content throughout the day without being annoying to their followers. That’s because a Tweet only “lives” for a few seconds. On Facebook, if you share more … Read More

The USA + The Internet = Tears Streaming Down My Face

The USA is pretty awesome. So is the internet. When those two things came together the other night, it brought tears to my eyes and down my face. To commemorate the United States’ Independence Day, we need to focus on how great our country and world can be. While there are many bad examples of America on reality TV competition … Read More

Study Question: What Is Voice Over?

When I am at parties, networking events, on vacation, picking up my dog’s poop… I will oftentimes run into someone and start having a little small talk. Inevitably, the conversation turns to what we do for a living. I say: “I do voice overs.” 99% of the time, as many voice over actors reading this know, they ask:   “What … Read More

The Top 20 Funny Voices Behind Your Favorite 90’s Cartoons

I loved cartoons when I was a kid. I grew up in the 90’s, and now that I’m a voice actor, I’ve come to realize that there are actual PEOPLE behind those awesome characters (many of those people voicing multiple characters in the same show). So I’ve compiled a list of 20 voice actors who voiced many of my favorite … Read More

Official Poll Results: What Is Our VO Job Title?

One of the hot button topics in the VO community is this:   What do we call ourselves? or What is our job title?   Recently, I posed this question in a Facebook VO group called Voice-Over Friends:           I posed it from the non-audiobook narrator/live announcer side of the VO perspective. Those job titles are … Read More

Hank Azaria of ‘The Simpsons’ Lives Out My Voice Over – Baseball Dream

I’m jealous. Hank Azaria, the voice actor behind some of the most famous animated characters of all-time on “The Simpsons,” recently lived out a dream of mine: He got to announce a major league baseball team’s lineup. And on top of that, he got to do it using some of his voice acting chops. On “The Simpsons,” he’s the voice … Read More