10 Voice Over Twitter Feeds You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow

voice over twitter feedsTwitter is my favorite social media platform. You can see that by reading my tweets here: here.

It’s a super fast, non-stop onslaught of information, ideas, opinions, and conversations.

Unlike Facebook, people can share content throughout the day without being annoying to their followers. That’s because a Tweet only “lives” for a few seconds. On Facebook, if you share more than 2 or 3 things in a day on your Facebook business page or even your personal page, you can be annoying, unless the information you’re sharing is super useful and/or entertaining. Even then, it can feel spammy.


So what makes a good voice over Twitter feed?


The voice over Twitter feed tweets (almost) daily. – If the Twitter feed is inactive or shows little activity, there’s really no point in following it. It’s a “What have you done for me lately?” mindset.

The voice over Twitter feed tweets about voice over (or something closely related) most of the time. – While I do want to hear about voice over, it can sometimes get pretty dry if that is the ONLY thing the feed tweets about.

The voice over Twitter feed is professional but actually shows glimpses of personality and “realness.” – Yes, the Twitter feed needs to have Twitter etiquette and professionalism, especially if it represents a brand or business entity; however, there are real people behind those accounts. I want to feel that.

The voice over Twitter feed shares other peoples’ content, not only their own. – Nothing is worse than constant, obvious self-promotion. Some self-promotion is important, but it is a slippery slope. Paul Strikwerda is the king of veiled self-promotion. He talks about it in answer #3 here. If the Twitter feed shares other peoples’ valuable and useful content, it will be seen as both generous and as someone who “gets it” when it comes to the content it is sharing. This positions the Twitter feed as an expert in the field.

The voice over Twitter feed actually HAS its own content to share (blog, video, opinions, etc.). – Content curation is a wonderful thing, but what does the person or brand behind the Twitter feed have to say?

The voice over Twitter feed joins in conversations that occur on Twitter and responds to followers. – Twitter is a giant conversation. Last I heard, a conversation involves more than 1 person to talking to him or herself.

The voice over Twitter feed isn’t a Twitter “troll.” – Trolling on Twitter is never going away. Basically, trolls are Twitter bullies who think because they are behind some sort of online platform and not face-to-face with others, they can say whatever they want. Now where’s that unfollow or block button?


Disclaimer: I don’t follow EVERY voice over Twitter feed, but I follow a lot. From that list of “a lot,” these are the feeds that spew value into the Twitter stream and follow the criteria above.

BEFORE you read this list, let your own Twitter followers know what you’re up to. Simply CLICK the following sentence to tweet it out: Tweet: About to read @JohnLano’s list of 10 #voiceover Twitter feeds you’d be crazy not to follow. We’ll see if he’s right. http://ctt.ec/i29mC+.


10 Voice Over Twitter Feeds You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow (in no particular order and UPDATED)


10. Lisa Biggs: @LittleLisaBiggs

@LittleLisaBiggsLisa is an adult, professional voice actor who can deliver a kid’s voice. Seriously, it’s pretty amazing. Her Twitter feed is pretty amazing, too. Based on her activity within the social media world, I can tell that she is pretty dang energetic. It’s contagious. She shares awesome content, especially through Voxy Ladies, is funny, and is not afraid to be herself. Her Twitter feed is a must follow.


9. Terry Daniel: @VoiceoversByTD

@TerryDanielTerry is a professional voice actor and coach (I worked with him!) based out of Minneapolis, MN (me too!). Terry is not afraid to speak his mind. At the same time, he does it respectfully and for good reasons. He shares his own valuable voice over content and tidbits but also joins in the Twitter conversation with others about their content or ideas. His Twitter feed is a must follow.


8. D.C. Douglas: @DC_Douglas

@DC_DouglasD.C. is a professional TV, film and voice actor living in LA. If you’re looking for funny and controversial, DC is your guy. He not only tweets about his voice over escapades, but he also injects LOTS of personality and humor. He’s not one to share lots of articles or content, but his insights and humor make up for that and show how voice over should be fun. His Twitter feed is a must follow.


7. Juan Carlos Bagnell: @SomeAudioGuy

@SomeAudioGuyJuan Carlos Bagnell is a voice over director working in commercial casting. His Twitter feed is filled with information on recording equipment, insider tips and tricks for voice over professionals, and other juicy insider info about the voice over industry. He also has great content on his blog.The best part about Juan Carlos is that he responds to his followers, even though he has a pretty big following. His Twitter feed is a must follow.


6. Rebecca Michaels Haugh: @RebeccaMichaels

@RebeccaMichaelsRebecca is a professional voice actor and avid podcaster/radio host. She shares some very insightful info about voice over, marketing, acting and beyond. One of the best things about Rebecca is that she lets her personality shine through in her tweets, her voice over podcast, and all of her other content. She seems to really love what she does, and that is refreshing in a Twitter feed. Her Twitter feed is a must follow.


5. Tim Keenan: @tjkeenan

@tjkeenanTim Keenan is the owner of Creative Media Recording (CreativeMediaRecording.com) which is an awesome audio recording and sound design company. He works with voice talent daily. His Twitter feed is great because he offers that “other side of the glass” audio perspective while also sharing some really frickin’ useful content. He tweets daily, and the information he shares is always interesting. His Twitter feed is a must follow.


4. Bobbin Beam: @BobbinBeam

@BobbinBeamBobbin Beam is a professional voice actor and adamant blogger. If you haven’t read her blog, do it now. Her Twitter feed is just as filled with good content. She shares wonderful articles and tidbits that are great for entrepreneurs, marketers, and voice actors. She also joins the conversation. Woot woot! Her Twitter feed is a must follow.


3. Marc Scott: @MarcScott

@MarcScottMarc Scott is a professional voice actor and volunteer firefighter. I also like to consider him a Twitter pro. He gets it. He shares the perfect blend of his own content from his blog with the content of others in the industry. He joins the conversation with other VO pros and is very deliberate and careful with that retweet button. But when he hits it, he nails it. His Twitter feed is a must follow.


2. Nancy Wolfson: @NancyWolfson

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.49.58 PMNancy Wolfson is a straight-talkin’, cut the BS, voice over golden nugget filled (that sounds weird…) coach and casting director. If you want a legup in the social media, VO, and advertising world, I strongly suggest you follow her on Twitter and then head over to her website right now and purchase “How To Monetize Social Media for VO”. I’ve booked several gigs by following this one audio seminar (of her MANY seminars). Oh AND she directed and produced my commercial VO demo. Can you tell I’m a fan? Her Twitter feed is a must follow.




1. Heather Costa: @HeatherCostaVO

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.49.36 PMHeather is a new addition to this list. And for very good reason. Her Twitter feed is jam, freaking PACKED with useful voice over, marketing, advertising, and SEO information. I get exhausted trying to keep up with all the new gimmicks and trends in the marketing world. Thankfully, Heather does it for me! Plus, she is super friendly and interactive which is rare in this cynical social media world. Her Twitter feed is a must follow.






Honorable Mentions:

Trish Basanyi (@TrishsVoice), Peter K. O’Connell (@audioconnell), Rose Caiazzo (@JacksonHoleRose), Anne Ganguzza (@aganguzza), Dave Courvoisier (@CourVO), Jordan Reynolds (@JordanReyn), Tara Strong (@TaraStrong), Paul Strikwerda (@Nethervoice), Derek Chappell (@DerekChappell)


Before you go, I have 2 questions for you…

What is your Twitter handle?


Who is missing from this list?

I would hate to miss out on some awesome Twitter feeds. And as someone who has kindly read my blog, I would love to follow you on Twitter to see what you are up to. So be sure to leave those answers in the comments section below.


p.s. Thanks for reading! For more free content like this, subscribe on the upper right hand side of this page.

70 Comments on “10 Voice Over Twitter Feeds You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow”

    1. Hi Rod!

      I’m very happy to hear that you are already following and interacting with the people on this list. I love following you on Twitter, by the way. Keep it up and thanks for sharing your Twitter name.

  1. Thanks for the Twitter handles, John: I added ones I wasn’t already following. I am, of course, @Bardicvoice – one of these days, I need to set up a Twitter account focused on my voiceover work, to separate it from the aerospace, science, Supernatural (CW show) passions that drive my personal life!

  2. Great list! The additions I would have are already in your Honorable mentions: @CourVO and @aganguzza. My Twitter name is @MikeRaphone, but then you already follow me. Thanks!

  3. I agree, I’m constantly learning tons from @MarcScott and @aganguzza. Would also add @ThevoiceofRod and @dhlawrencexvii to the list! If you’re interested in adding a newbie to the field find me @rsoultanian. Content curation is my game… for now!

    1. Content curation is absolutely key in the Twitterverse, but adding your own content to that feed is just as important. If you have a blog or anything like that, I’d love to read it, Rita!

  4. Nice post! Glad to see Tara Strong in honorable mentions. Her vines are hysterical. I follow quite a few on this list but ill be checking out the others 🙂

  5. Wow – how fun to be on this list and smack dab in the middle. Thank you very much. I’m very pleased to be snuggled in between Juan and Tim, who are both quite inspiring to me.

    I do agree with adding AnneG and CourVO, even if I get bumped! I think the one to watch is John Lano! Seriously, you and Jonathan have this interweb thingy D-O-W-N! Can we start a web series cartoon about this!? I know this is a GOOD idea. 🙂

    1. Ha! Oh Rebecca…so modest. You’re very welcome. YOU are the one who is kicking the interweb’s behind. I don’t know about a cartoon…since I’m no animator, but I would be WAY down for some sort of show/series. Thanks for reading and commenting. And of course, keep up the kickass tweeting.

  6. Wow John, seriously. Thanks for including me on your list – likely the first of many lists based on the comments you’re getting (and gonna get)! As you well know, this whole industry is about sharing – sharing content, resources, ideas, other blogs about VO & audio, etc. Because we all know what goes around, comes around.

    Someday I’ll graduate to Blogging – like YOU – if only they would just add 2 more hours to that dang 24 hour day!!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Tim,

      You are VERY welcome. I love the content you share and the opinions you share as well. Your perspective is highly valued in the VO field as well.

      Blogging is definitely a time suck, but it is a great way to share your ideas and some (hopefully) quality content for others to enjoy.

      Keep it up!

  7. Thanks for including me, John. I think you should include Trish Basanyi, though. @TrishsVoice. She’s a real pro at Twitter, and if you watch her tweets, you’ll see how to get serious work from her approach to Twitter.

    Dave Courvoisier

    1. Hi Dave!

      Thanks for reading and for having an awesome Twitter feed. Trish is in my honorable mentions list as well. It sounds like she is really great at landing work through Twitter. I’d love to hear about some of her strategies. Maybe she’ll comment too with a tiny tidbit of that advice? 😉

  8. i’m not often on twitter and don’t often check twitter, but i do follow a bunch of the people you mentioned, and they are great!

    if you feel like following me (again, not tweeting too much at this point) i’m @jillGOLDIVOX .

    thanks for the list and for what you do!

    1. Hi Jill,

      I’m glad that you agree! I’d love to see you tweet more. I’m sure you have some great content to share. By the way, I just hit the follow button.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  9. Hey John –
    Nice list – had most of them followed, but learned some cool new ones!

    @jimedgarvoices – VO stuff
    @cyclofiend – Bike Geekery

  10. That’s a fantastic resource you’ve curated here… well done!

    I’m @nosliwelyk, by the way. (A forward-thinking guy… with a backwards twitter handle!)

  11. Who is missing from this list? Why you, John: @JohnLano!

    There were a few mentioned here that I wasn’t following and now I am! Thanks for that!

    @jesslohm – I still have a lot of work to do, I know, please be patient!

    And yes, you got that Internet/SEO Copywriting thing down! Congratulations!

    1. Ha!

      Well thanks, Jessica. And Twitter is a constant work-in-progress, but it offers a big opportunity to find clients, connect with colleagues, and just join a big, connected conversation.

      And I definitely do NOT have the SEO copywriting down. But thanks. That is an even bigger work-in-progress.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  12. Fantastic list John! Thanks for sharing. I’m a huge fan of Twitter and I think it is so valuable. Everyday I learn lot’s from things that people post and I also manage to pick up clients which is always nice. My twitter handle is @RachaelNaylor x

  13. Excellent list! I already found a few of these, but this gives even more info to follow.

    I’m @NickJosten if anyone wants to follow the wild and wacky adventures of a library grad student/burgeoning voice artist.

  14. GREAT list. I honestly don’t know where the time exists for these people to have such great careers AND to be unqualified successes in the Twitterverse and other social media worlds. @paulboucher

  15. Thanks, Paul! It is definitely a lot of work. There are some great tools out there, though, to help you streamline/schedule the social media posting process like Hootsuite, Buffer, and even within Facebook, you can schedule posts.

    I look forward to following your tweets. 🙂

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  17. Great post, John! When I noticed I was following half of the feeds you mentioned, I knew I had been doing something right! Keep it up! @Arisger

  18. I love this list. As a relative newbie to ACX (one successful project) I am excited to become more engaged with the community. Thanks again and I’ll be adding all of the above real soon! @briandanielyoun <—without the "g"

  19. Hey John, where oh where do you find the time? The energy?? The tons of coffee to keep you awake as you must not be sleeping a lot??? Thank you very much for sharing, great feeds, some of them I already follow.
    One question for you: there’s no foreign VO talent in your list, is there a specific reason or simply because that’s how the cookie crumbled this time? Not trying to put you on the spot, just being curious. BTW my twandle is @thefrenchvoice, I’m a French VO but I tweet mostly in English. Keep up the splendid work!

    1. Hi Pierre!

      I would be lying if I said I follow EVERY voice actor on Twitter. But after following quite a few, these are some that really add something really valuable to the VO conversation. I just hit follow on your Twitter handle and can’t wait to see what you add, too.

      Your 2nd question is a very good question. I never really paid attention to where the people were from on this list so it’s more of a “where the cookie crumbled this time” thing. But I plan on creating another list soonish. Maybe I should make a non-US voice actor list? Hmmm…You’ve got me thinking, Pierre.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read through this and for following these fine people.


  20. Hey John, where oh where do you find the time? The energy?? The tons of coffee to keep you awake as you must not be sleeping a lot??? Thank you very much for sharing, great feeds, some of them I already follow.
    One question for you: there’s no foreign VO talent in your list, is there a specific reason or simply because that’s how the cookie crumbled this time? Not trying to put you on the spot, just being curious. BTW my twandle is @thefrenchvoice, I’m a French VO but I tweet mostly in English. Keep up the splendid work!

  21. It’s nice to see, that even though this article was posted a while ago now, that all these people you mention are still avid twitter users. I follow all of them, as they do seem to be the main voice-over posse. It’s a great way to keep up with events and th latest hardware and software out there. If you like, pop by me sometime: @cromerty. I promise I’ll be gentle.

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  23. Networking on social media can be a huge key to success in the voice over industry. With such wide reaching effects, you can literally talk and connect with hundreds of people a day. It’s an awesome way to connect. Thank you for you insights!

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  25. I’ve been resisting the Land of Twitter, due to excess time-suckage from existing social media addictions, I mean applications. But sigh, after reading this, I feel I must dive in. Hopefully there’ll be something of interest to see @TheVoiceoverDB someday soon.

  26. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list (plus the honourable mentions! My handle is @voicedbymike just getting into Twitter, so I hardly have any followers.

    1. No problem, Mike! Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your handle. I actually need to update this list soon – your comment was a great reminder. 🙂

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