This Uplifting GoDaddy Commercial Featuring Donald Sutherland’s Voice Over Asks Small Business Owners A Timely Question

sorry we're closed sign

Nearly 15 years after GoDaddy commercials first aired on TV (when they were very scandalous), the website hosting giant has come out with a surprisingly empowering and timely spot featuring Donald Sutherland’s voice over.

To be honest...

How could it not be empowering or emotionally moving when you have Donald Sutherland's voice? The man's voice over can make me feel something in an orange juice commercial.

The ad starts with Mr. Sutherland quietly asking brick and mortar small business owners if they remember the first time they opened their doors.

Personally, I can only imagine that feeling.

Starting my own voice over business in 2012 as a male voice actor was great…

But actually opening a physical store or business is something completely different.

After months (or years) of planning and hard work, it must be an incredible feeling to finally hang that OPEN sign on your front door.

open sign

But now, physical store owners have been forced to close their doors to keep the world safe during a global pandemic.

How can small business owners who normally rely on in-person transcations serve their customers when their physical stores are closed?

Mr. Sutherland’s reassuring and calm voice offers that “there’s another way to stay open”.

And that’s through an online website and store.

GoDaddy pledges to stand with small business owners right now by offering free products, tools, and resources.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

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p.s. Shout out to my good friend and Kansas City commercial real estate guy Dan Bonebright for showing this ad to me.

Have you seen other inspiring TV commercials recently? Post them in the comments below.

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