The USA + The Internet = Tears Streaming Down My Face

The USA is pretty awesome.American Flag

So is the internet.

When those two things came together the other night, it brought tears to my eyes and down my face.

To commemorate the United States’ Independence Day, we need to focus on how great our country and world can be.

While there are many bad examples of America on reality TV competition shows, there are a few very proud moments sprinkled throughout. America’s Got Talent recently created a proud moment for me as an American.

Three guys from three different places spanning the globe (New York, South Korea and Puerto Rico) found each other on the internet (only a few weeks before the show) and sang together in front of an audience for the very first time… in front of millions of American viewers. The result speaks for itself.



The voice is truly a powerful thing that connects all humans. After watching this audition from America’s Got Talent, I am proud to be an internet user, an American and a global citizen.

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What are some inspirational videos you have seen recently that make you proud to be an American or just proud to be part of this connected, global community?

(photo credit: jnn1776)

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