Three Reasons Why You Need Voice Over In Your Marketing

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1. Customers Become Familiar with Your Brand

According to a study by the Department of Psychology at Washington University, adults are more likely to remember words when spoken by a familiar voice (Yonan and Sommers, 2000). For marketing purposes, it is extremely important to continually use the same voice for branding your product. Customers are more likely to remember your product and its benefits in their lives when they hear the same voice again and again.

    • Do this: Use a professional voice over talent over and over to build familiarity for potential customers.


2. Customers Learn Your Brand Faster

U.S. scientists from Boston University and UCLA say their study demonstrates that stimuli involving both vision and hearing can be combined to produce speedier learning of visual information (Current Biology, 2006). When creating a marketing video, commercial, eLearning video or any other kind of video, it is best to target multiple senses (i.e. visual and auditory) at the same time so customers can learn your brand faster.

    •  Do this: Use visuals and a professional voice over talent to help customers learn about your product more quickly.


3. Customers Have Short-Term Memories

An average person can store between five and nine items in their short-term memory. The more times a piece of information is repeated or learned, the more likely it is to be transferred into long-term memory and retained by the customer or employee. With so little time to get your message across, you must take full advantage of the time you have. By following the first two reasons above, you can fully engage your customer or employee. They will be more likely to remember your message for months and hopefully years to come.

    •  Do this: Keep it simple and to the point. By doing this and using a professional voice over talent and visual stimuli in your projects, customers and employees will be more likely to store your message in their long-term memory.


Question for you: What companies have branded their product well with a consistent female or male voice over talent?


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Yonan, CA, and Sommers, MS. “The Effects of Talker Familiarity on Spoken Word Identification in Younger and Older Listeners.” Psychology and Aging 15.1 (2000): 88-89. Web.


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