Mike Rowe Narrates Boring Homemade Family Video – Makes It Epic

We’ve all fallen for the seductive power, authority, trust and “every man” sound of Mike Rowe’s voice. I’m sure you’ve wondered to yourself and others:


“I wish Mike Rowe narrated my life.”


Well, Mike Rowe has decided to do just that. In an otherwise mundane, low-quality and really boring home video of a group of friends and family trying to take a group picture (I’m sure you’ve experienced this before), Mike Rowe adds a Deadliest Catch style voice over narration with music/sound effects to create an epic and disastrous scene of bravery, confusion, and peril.


Enough talk. Let’s watch:



Here’s the making of the video which shows why Mike Rowe is really frickin’ cool and has decided to narrate a fan’s home movie:



It just goes to show how a combination of good, high quality professional voice over and a solid script can make the lowest of quality video a good video.



Bad Video + Great Voice Over + Great Script =

Great Video


Who would you choose to narrate your boring homemade videos that you’ll probably never watch again?


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6 Comments on “Mike Rowe Narrates Boring Homemade Family Video – Makes It Epic”

    1. Totally agree, Howard. It’s amazing what an awesome VO and script can do for a crappy video. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, I am in the midst of an 8 part series on motivating your 8 voice over identities. I think you may find it very useful for your VO biz.

  1. Yes, your series is excellent John – thankyou. It’s interesting that as actors we place ourself daily ‘in the landscape’ (to use a phrase in your blog) and learn to switch quickly from one gig scenario to the next. It’s not obvious that the same skill is transferable to the other roles we adopt to run our bizzes, until someone like you helpfully points it out. Once more unto the marketing breach…

  2. Riveting, I was on the edge of my seat trembling with anticipation waiting for the foto op to manifest. Rod Serling would be proud. Very, very funny.

    1. Haha – riveting, indeed.

      P.s. I had to look up Rod Sterling to understand the reference. You are absolutely right. He would be proud.

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