Symantec Explainer Video Voice Over | Client Showcase

Client: Symantec – Integrated Cyber Defense
Video Producer:
Rohan Narang of Push Collaborative
Voice Style: Conversational, confident, intelligent, clear, relatable

Rohan came to me with another project from Symantec about their integrated cyber defense.

Security in the online world is a must, especially for businesses.

That’s why this video required a confident yet relatable voice – as though a consultant walked into the business to say: “Don’t be afraid. We have your security issues under control.”

It’s conversational in the same way many explainer videos are but it needed that confident, almost serious tone to show Symantec’s mastery and understanding of cyber security.

Rohan produced a fantastic video here demonstrating the clear solutions and features of Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense.

It’s entertaining yet enlightening and informative. Exactly how an effective explainer video should be.

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