My Voice Over Studio

Read about my voice over studio capabilities and equipment below.
Working with John was an absolute pleasure! Aside from his fantastic voice, he was fast, professional, and overall great to work with. All our files were recorded perfectly with high clarity and delivered quickly.Rina Svet, Video Editor/Producer at Tane Digital Video

Voice Over Studio Capabilities

  • Direct My Session Remotely

    You can direct my voice over recording session of your script remotely using Skype, phone patch, or Source Connect Standard. The audio comes right through my microphone (like you’re in my studio with me). This will ensure that you get the exact read style and recording you want from the beginning – no wasting time going back and forth with recordings and revisions.

  • Receive Crystal Clear, Broadcast-Quality Audio

    With my acoustically-treated, private recording booth, Adobe Audition recording software, and trained audio editing skills, you will receive error-free, pristine audio ready for use.

  • File Formatting And Delivery Up To Your Specifications

    Receive your files in any format you prefer (WAV, AIFF, MP3, and more). I can also separate files and deliver through any portal you prefer (Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP, etc.).

  • Record At My Studio If You Are Local

    If you are in the Minneapolis area and would like to record something using your own voice, I offer recording access to my studio for a small fee, depending on what services you need.

Voice Over Studio Equipment List

  • Whisper Room Recording Booth

    Private, acoustically-treated recording booth for pristine audio quality

  • Rhode NT1-A and CAD e100s Microphones

    Broadcast quality condenser microphones for capturing the natural nuances and textures of my voice

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Preamp

    Audio interface for clean audio conversion from microphone to computer

  • Adobe Audition CS6 Recording Software

    Top-of-the-line digital audio workstation for detailed recording, editing, formatting, and delivery

  • Apple Mac Mini Computer

    Fast, powerful computer for quick, fast turnaround of projects