How Much Does a Voice Over Cost?

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People ask me all the time…

  • “How much does a voice over cost?”
  • “What’s a ‘good’ voice over rate for my specific project or category? Is there a ‘going’ rate?”
  • “How do I know I’m not getting ripped off?”
  • “What’s the difference between union and non-union rates?”
  • “What actually goes into voice over rates, anyway?”
  • “Oh and what are YOUR rates, John?”

Voice Over Cost Guide | Your Questions Answered Below

I’ve put together an info-packed, FREE INSIDER’S GUIDE which INCLUDES:

The ins and outs of pro voice over rates
How to figure out the rates for YOUR project
How to make sure you’re NOT getting ripped off
BONUS: Exclusive, straight-from-my-desk RATE SHEET**

**Rate sheet includes the following voice over categories:
Non-broadcast: corporate, industrial, education, e-learning, online tutorials, online explainer videos, IVR, on-hold, messaging, audiobook, medical, pharmaceutical, film
Broadcast: radio advertising, TV advertising, paid internet advertising (pre-roll, ads, etc.), internet radio (Spotify, Pandora, etc.), internet/streaming services (Hulu, YouTubeTV, etc.), imaging
Non-broadcast and Broadcast: Animation, cartoon, video games

Please email me at if you do not see the voice over rate category you need.

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Voice Over Rates

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