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In the end, my clients are the ones who decide if I’ve successfully solved their voice over needs or if I’ve simply chosen the wrong line of work. Here is some of their honest feedback on projects we have worked on together:

Tremendous! Entertainment Logo"I had the pleasure of hiring John Lano to be the narrator of two recent series which ran on The Travel Channel. I recommend John highly for any production looking for a young, energetic, expressive voice talent. He was very willing to give the script several different “reads” and was extremely accepting of coaching to get us the exact style we were looking for. He handled difficult pronunciations exceptionally well, and even with the hardest of foreign names John was spot-on, closely following our pronunciation guide. In addition to his great-sounding voice, John was a consummate professional. He was early for every recording session, stayed as long as it took to get through the scripts, which tended to run long since each program was an hour. John was also very willing to make narration changes on the fly when the producer asked for those and did not hesitate to ask questions when were unclear about our instructions or needs.

As an added bonus, John was able to record pick-up track from his home studio which delivered a very high quality voice over. That saved our company time and money by not having to do those additional recordings in the main studio, and the narration from his home system blended in perfectly with the rest of the recording.

I hope to hire John Lano again in the near future and recommend him to others looking for a professional narrator for either short commercial projects or longer broadcast / web ones."

-Beth Pearlman
Senior Producer
Tremendous! Entertainment

Stephanie Ciccarelli"John was wonderful to work with. He instinctively knew how to deliver the read we were looking for to introduce and promote the iPhone app. We were able to use his audition as the final product! John takes direction very well and we would work with him again."

-Stephanie Ciccarelli
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of

Jamie Sene"John Lano did a great job with our script voiceover. He had the perfect voice and was very willing and able to execute the script exactly as we needed it. He was very professional and delivered the recording quickly. I highly recommend John."

-Jamie Sene
Smart Marketing Group

Rina Svet "Working with John was an absolute pleasure! Aside from his fantastic voice, he was fast, professional, and overall great to work with. All our files were recorded perfectly with high clarity and delivered quickly. I would definitely work with him on another project if the opportunity presents itself, and I give him my highest recommendation! Thanks John!"

- Rina Svet
Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist

"John Lano is an excellent voice talent to work with. We all know that finding the right voice texture for a project is one thing and finding that particular tone and texture within a person who delivers what is needed is another. John delivers. As of this writing, I have worked with him twice and anticipate doing so many more times. Hire him with confidence."

-Roger Miller
Creative Director
REM Video & Event Company