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A simple, stress-free, five step guide for working with me.

Step 1 (VO Demo Here)

Listen to my commercial voice over demo BELOW to hear my range.

On a super tight deadline? Email me now at or call me at (+1) 612-524-8758 with your project details or any questions.

Step 2

Watch over 90 of my most recent voice over projects. (13+ million combined views on YouTube alone)

In the playlist below (or on my Work page), pay close attention to my vocal range and audio recording quality.

You’ll find national TV commercials and shows, online ads, explainer videos, and more. I recorded most of these from my private, broadcast quality studio. My clients include Autotrader, 3M, Jockey, Red Bull, Porsche, AT&T, Dreamworks, and many more.

Step 3

Stop listening to me.

Sometimes, you just need to hear it from someone else.

Below, you’ll see what some of my recent clients have to say about my voice and service:

John’s a great talent and a pleasure to work with. His ability to deliver a conversational yet upbeat tone has been a perfect fit for the A&W brand.Jason Majewski, Sr. Copywriter

I think there is a little producer in John. His reads needed little to no direction because I truly believe he clearly understood the intention of our show.Kristin Graham, Executive Producer

I have been working with John for over 4 years now, and with every project, I hope my client picks his voice as I know the process is going to be seamless from start to finish.Rohan Narang, Animator/Producer
One of the best young voice actors I’ve worked with in a long time.Joe Flood, Audio Engineer/Producer

My first experience working with John was so great, I had to hire him again. I look forward to working with him more in the future.Chris Weatherly, Director/Producer

Step 4

Read this – some pro voice actors are afraid to tell you this.

I’ve seen a lot of voice seekers like you make time and money wasting mistakes when hiring professional voice actors (even if they’ve worked with voice actors for years). Avoid these mistakes and access the free report below.

Hire Voice ActorHere’s what’s included:

* 4 powerful questions that will make you feel 100% confident in hiring a pro voice actor for your project
* How to easily spot the difference between a PRO and an “amateur joe”
* How to avoid some common and costly pitfalls many voice seekers make, even if they’ve hired voice actors for decades
* BONUS CONFIDENCE BOOSTER:  An EXTRA question that, if answered correctly, will make you smile knowing you’re about to make an awesome hiring decision

Access your FREE guide below:

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Step 4.75 (optional)

Confirm your suspicions.

You’re pretty dang sure I’m the right voice for you, but you have to be 100% certain. Or maybe you need other people to sign off on it.

I completely understand.

Send me a quick email to with your read directions. I’ll send you a free, custom demo of your script within 24 hours (but usually much sooner).

Step 5

Relax and collaborate with me.

When we work together, we have the same goal:

Your project’s absolute SUCCESS. No matter what (ethically, of course).

Ready to move forward? I know I am.

Send me an email to or call my studio line at (+1) 612-524-8758.

Include the following:

  • Your project details (scope, deadline, airing info if it’s broadcast, etc.)
  • Your script and read directions (this is critical)
  • Your allotted budget for pro voice over (no worries if you’re not sure – we’ll figure it out)
  • Your confidence in knowing we are about to add an insanely awesome piece to your project.


p.s. If your project happens to be for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I beg you to work with me. I’m an addict.