How To Contact Me

Three quick and easy options

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    Option 1 - Email

    Email me directly at

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    Option 2 - Phone

    Call my studio (based in Minneapolis, Minnesota) directly at (+1) 612-524-8758. If I’m in a session, please leave a message.

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    Option 3 - Skype

    Add me on Skype. My ID is VoiceOverGenie.

Prefer to book me through my agents? Here’s their info.

Stars, The Agency | Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

 Kristin Stinnett at or call their offices at 415-421-6272.

The Sheppard Agency | New York City, New York and Austin, Texas

Contact: Erik Sheppard at or call their offices at 631-332-9550.

Nuts, ltd. | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contact: Laura Johnson at or call their offices at 763-529-0330.